Basic Info on Purchasing A Puppy

Our puppies are typically sold on a spay/neuter contract only.  At the time you contact us we will assume & quote the prices of the spay/neuter contract ONLY, if you are interested in a showing/breeding contract, please indicate your intentions by calling me directly so we can discuss the options & so I can send you a different contract then the one on this site.  To get on our waiting list, please fill out the application & submit it with the non-refundable deposit of $100.  Your name then goes on a Master Waiting List.  The order the pups are chosen is determined by the date we receive your deposit.  When pups are about 5 weeks old, we set up appointments & you come to view & pick out your specific pup.  At that time a 2nd non-refundable deposit of $100 (for a total of $200) is required & the pup you picked is put on HOLD for you & taken off the market..  Also at pick out time if you already decided on a kit or a large bag of food, it will be ready to take home that day, so the Kit/food price will need to be paid for at that time as well.  We do take checks for deposits & kits, but not for the final pickup balance, 

The balance, of the purchase price (minus deposits), is due when you come to take your pup home.  Once everyone on the wait list has chosen & put their pups on HOLD, the remaining pups available can be put on HOLD, for $200 the same amount those on the wait list already paid, the same application paperwork must be filled it.  Checks are NOTaccepted for the final amount but are ok for the deposits. The pups photo will stay on the web page but it will be noted that it is "On Hold" until final payment is made, at final payment the web page will be update with a notice that it is Sold. If you decide you want a different puppy after putting a HOLD on one you may change it to one that is still available by verbally contacting me.  Pup litters are different prices (plus tax) depending on the parents lines, please call for exact prices but expect about $1200 - 1400.

We REQUIRE a spay/neuter report & PROOF of attending at least 1 training class, if the fixing report is not sent to us, our contract has a large monetary 
non-compliance fine. Pups must be picked up by a set pickup date roughtly at 8 weeks of age (if you cannot make that date please let us know & we can work with your schedule).  We charge an additional boarding fee of $100 per week, or $15. per day for pups that cannot be picked up by their ready date.  If the pup(s) is not picked up at the arranged date & no other arrangements or contacting us is made, the pup will be put back on the market & any deposits will go to pay for the added expense of re-advertising the puppy. 

Typically we do not refund deposits,  but we do review the situation case by case. If WE cannot get you a puppy of the sex you want, you get a choice of: Refund, Opposite sex, or Credit for a future puppy.  A Credit voucher will only be honored for 1 year, unless other written arrangements were/are made or past 1 year only for the same female to have her next litter.  If YOU decide against getting a pup after placing a deposit, the deposit will not be refunded., but depending on the situation we may issue a credit for a future litter.  

We keep a Master List, once a dog is bred we setup a separate list for that breeding pair, we go in order of our Master List & offer that breeding pair.  If you choose to wait you stay on the Master List, if you choose that breeding pair your name is on both lists. If that female ends up not getting pregnant or does not have enough pups or pups of the sex you prefer, your still on our Master List which we go in order of for our next AVAILABLE opening.   Once you agree to a breeding pair & that female is confirmed pregnant & has enough pups of the sex you prefer, if you change your mind you will be offered the next AVAILABLE opening.  We will not bump everyone around on other lists already setup.  The only case where we might bump other setup lists is if the 1st due female is not pregnant or the pups do not survive (at that time we will work with everyone involved, one on one & give them what options we have available).   

At about 5 weeks (unless an evaluation is requested then it is at 8 weeks) we go in order of the breeding pairs wait list and each owner comes in to pick their pup.  If a client/breeder wants the litter evaluated it can only be done at 8 weeks by a professional. The person wanting to have the litter evaluated will pay for the evaluation - we typically use Pat Hastings. Please notify us at the time you make your first deposit that you want the pups professionally evaluated so we can notify all parties they will not be able to pick out their pup until after the evaluations at 8 weeks, notification must be made before born or within 1 week of the birth of the litter.  Copies of the evaluation belong to the paying party, if other owners would like a copy,  the full price will be divided by everyone getting a copy.  (ie - 3 of 5 owners want a copy, the bill is divided by 3)

Everyone on the waiting list will be contacted with an appointment date & time in order via e-mail.  Please let me know if this date & time will not work, we can then have you come in beforehand & choose in order of preference, so if you are 3rd on the list you choose 3 pups in preference order & are guaranteed one of those pups. Once the other 2 pick we go to your list & you will get the first one available off of it.  We welcome all inquiries & are willing to assist you in any way that we can. 
To ensure a good start, each pup goes home with a Puppy Care Kit, its' AKC registration, 3 days of food, guide book, & basic info. A new collar, leash, & a CD that includes copies of photos, all medical clearances (heart, hips, elbows,eyes, thyroid), pedigrees, that I have on the parents & Grandparents etc. 

We have additional items that can be purchased;  Micro-chipping (more info below),  large bags of dog food, & FULL kits that have everything you need for about $300 OFF retail price (Info is in the forms you send with your initial deposit). Full kits include, large crate with heavy duty pad, 8 panel exercise pen, large bag of dog food, bowls, shampoo, toe clippers, life time leash/collar, poo bag dispenser, brush & a bag of toys. (chuck it launcher, chuck it bumper, balls, Skineeze toy, Tuffy toys and many more (subject to availability). Kits will be ready for pickup when you choose your pup (as long as the info is sent in with the deposit,  I need time to get it ordered & ready) so please be prepared to pay and take them home when pups are about 5 weeks old.  This also gives you a chance to set everything up at home BEFORE the pup arrives.   
This service is offered to new owners for a minimal fee of $25.00 which is about 1/3 the price normally charged. Micro-Chipping is a small transmitter that in no way effects the animal but could save their life if they get lost. We highly recommend this be done either by us before you get your pup or your local vet. 

Please contact us directly for directions & to set up an appointment. We are approx. 30 minutes North of Vancouver, WA.    

If you are interested or want more information please contact us.
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