Our Kennel & Property

Welcome to Brown's Golden Delights on Gold Pond!

As Golden Retriever lovers, each of our dogs is very important to us. We feel they are family members, not just pets. 

We strive to promote the health, happiness and well-being of each and every one.  It is our policy that all puppies need to go to responsible, loving homes. 

We are proud members of Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon, Evergreen Golden Retriever Club & the Golden Retriever Club of America.

Potential owners should fully understand the needs of a Golden Retriever and be willing to meet these needs. These include being able to offer a safe, loving, responsible and permanent home where the dog's exercise, nutrition, companionship and medical requirements are always provided for. We can answer any questions to help educate old & new owners on all the aspects of their pup/dogs care.  We require yearly medical questionnaire information on each pup we sell, which helps us determine health and how we are doing as breeders. 

To ensure a good start, each pup goes home with a Puppy Care Kit, which includes a 3 day packet of food, medical chart on each puppy, puppy how to book, new collar & leash to match assigned color, a CD that includes; lots of information including medical clearances (heart, hips, elbows, eyes plus any additional ones), pedigrees, & AKC registration information that I have on the parents/grandparents/great grandparents etc. 

We believe in having all animals Micro-Chipped. We are trained in this procedure & offer it to all new owners for a minimal fee which is usually about 1/3 the price that is normally charged. Micro Chipping is a small transmitter that in no way effects the animal. Implanting is virtually painless, & could potentially save your pets life. When a reader is waved over the animal it receives the pets individual number only. Most all vets, breeders & rescue units have these readers. Micro-Chipping can save the life of your pet if it gets lost, please have them chipped either by us or your family vet. 

Too many dogs end up in animal shelters or worse each year, most due to inexperienced breeding practices, this is why all our pups will be sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration. (Full registration for breeding can be done on a case by case basis after all health clearances & other criteria is accomplished; please contact us directly for more info). 

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